The Real Deal Brazil

The Real Deal Brazil is a sextet which follows in the Brazilian tradition of performing at people’s homes. During their performances, the vocalists normally sit at a table with a bottle of wine, making casual conversation, often including humor, and in a manner which is at times quite similar to theatre performance, introduce the audience to musical compositions. The band has performed in many clubs, always thrilling the audience with captivating Brazilian rhythms and tunes.

Kristijan Beluhan is an acclaimed tenor, member of the Croatia National Theatre and the popular band Mayales. Together they recorded a very famous song Od ljubavi. Kiki has been passionate about bossa nova and samba for years, and his velvety voice is perfect for Brazilian tunes.

Tvrtko Jurić, a well-known Croatian actor, is the second vocal and also a bilingual MC. He went to high school in Rio de Janeiro, and he is both a great enthusiast and an expert on Brazilian music and culture.

The remaining four members of the band are Joe Pandur, a guitar expert on Brazilian music, Zvonimir Šestak, a double bass talent, Nikola Šantek, an exceptional jazz pianist, and a legendary drummer Krunoslav Levačić.

Kristijan Beluhan – vocalist
Tvrtko Jurić – vocalist
Joe Pandur- guitar
Nikola Šantek – keyboards
Zvonimir Šestak – double bass
Kruno Levačić – drums